Paladdiam Fit has opened its doors and our latest work for them is now live.

Paladdiam Fit Cabramatta was simply an idea in July 2014, and the owners came to us having seen how we work with other organisations across whole-of-business. Their brief was simple but wide-ranging: take the name and bring it to life for a start-up gym and fitness centre in Cabramatta, across a range of communication channels, ensuring we capture attention and maximise opportunities to turn enquirers into members.

We planned the identity system, working closely with the owners and construction teams to understand the vision for the gym and then rolled this out across website, collateral and branded environment. To ensure this effort reached and engaged potential members, we planned and undertook a short burst campaign across letterbox, press, radio, station handouts and social media, recommending appropriate strategies for capturing interest.

In order to ensure complete clarity of purpose, we also wrote the site content, integrating key brand statements, messages and keywords which were replicated across other channels and into social media.

The gym is growing member numbers fast and we’re working with the owners on next steps.

See our work for Paladdiam Fit.