Ascham School is well-renowned, highly-respected and has without doubt been a significant contributor to the development of Australia’s young ladies for the last 125 years. We’re honoured to be assisting in positioning the brand for the next 125.

Great organisations flourish over the long-term and Ascham School is a shining example: set up in 1886 it continues to provide the highest quality education for girls both academically and socially.

However, 125 years of evolution, 11 heads and the rise of ‘competitive’ establishments can all play their part in contributing to the slow dilution of the brand and its overall communication structure.

As part of a wide-ranging remit, we’re now working with the team to re-engage this great establishment, communicate its offer appropriately and position it for the coming years. We’re currently working on an over-arching brand framework, exploring the equity that exists and how to use it effectively for digital and printed communication and will be developing a new website, external and internal communications collateral, and a whole-of-school intranet structure.

Check back for our progress report soon…