Ascham website

As part of our wider strategic review and brand audit we identified that the school needed a more holistic approach to improving its communication, particularly in the web space. The existing site provide little in the way of content, relevant information or a structured approach to navigation which meant we recommend starting from scratch for the most effective outcome.

Rather than simply dive into design, we undertook a series of discovery sessions to learn how people engaged with the school and what key things they wanted to learn. Similarly, we collaborated closely with the school’s IT team and CMS partners to ensure the proposed site would work as needed and provide a strong base for subsequent enhancement and scaling.

We planned, designed and implemented the entire site, including a new suite of brand icons and wider visual language, as well as ‘mega’ navigation techniques to cope with the extensive content. Overall, our approach ensured the provision of an immersive and appropriate experience for users and reflecting the rich heritage and unique aspects of the school.

A separate mobile version of the site was also developed, providing a summary of the critical content, easy access to contact information and the full site.


“Scribble & Think Communications were an excellent choice to partner with. They understood the context of the brief and worked closely with our staff to significantly lift our presentation and brand delivery. In doing so they also improved our process and systems of communication. Scribble & Think succeed because they are agile, nimble, responsive and operate both at the strategic and process levels.”

Dominic Curtin, Business Manager, Ascham School


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