Ascham School intranet

We’ve been working with Ascham School since 2011, following our initial response to a website re-design brief. Our strategic review and brand audit had identified that the school needed a more holistic approach to improving its communication. Chief among the range of requirements was the development of an internal network, or intranet that would allow the many hundreds of people connected to the school in one form or another to gather appropriate information, execute actions and stay in touch.

As a school grows, it acquires more staff, more ‘content’ (documents, articles, files and other references), and probably a more distributed network of people and resources. In order to manage this collectively and maintain communication efficiency, some robust and scalable form of secure business-wide platform is needed; i.e., an intranet.

We’re firm advocates of such systems as they allow for increased staff and student engagement, consistent communication of the brand and an efficient means of business process evolution. For Ascham, we worked with many different teams and stakeholder groups to identify, plan, design, build and deliver ‘The Ascham Hub’, an extensive, whole-of-community solution. The Hub provides access and information for everyone from students to teachers and parents with personalised timetables, calendars, notices, forms and user profiles, all within the visual framework we’ve developed across the school.

As part of the success of this project, we undertake a similar consultancy role with several pan-Australia organisations, assisting in intranet planning and design strategies for their systems, ensuring brand frameworks are implemented appropriately.

ClientAscham School