Our latest work with Pompei’s, the well-respected restaurant in Bondi Beach, has now come to life in the shape of ‘Pizza Gio’.

This is a first for Australia, and it’s causing quite a stir at its Level 4 location at Westfield Chatswood, where hungry shoppers are queuing up eager to test and taste what this very special machine has to offer.

We’ve spent a few months working quietly with the Pompei’s team and the Italian manufacturers to develop the entire visual result from name to identity, wording, photography and production of the wrap, researching the wider vending market and international pizza service to create an identity and visual language which aims to adjust the current perception of self-service food, forge links with Pompei’s and create appeal for a fast-moving audience.

And it’s working! The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph and Channel 10’s The Project have featured it, and the critical test – the public – have provided very positive feedback on the overall appeal – and of course the pizza. This is outlet #1 and given the interest (it holds 84 pizzas and needed refilling on 3 consecutive days by noon), we’re looking very closely at feedback to refine the idea and message for subsequent versions.