It’s been a few months but we’ve now refreshed our own identity, refining our own brand from the inside out and revitalising our communication.

Why have we done this? As the business has grown, it’s also matured, grown up if you like. We’ve moved to senior school where we play with older, bigger kids and our world is larger. And so, we’ve reviewed how we communicate and fit within this world, not so we blend in but so we can stand out, stand up and be counted.

In some ways we’ve pared back and simplified, in others we’ve enhanced and added depth. Overall, we’ve evolved: refining our visual identity and language for improved clarity and understanding.

At our core though, we remain who we’ve always been – an independent brand consultancy comprised of passionate people, that delivers every piece of work with a focus on bringing clarity to business and brand. We remain totally committed to challenging traditional thinking and helping organisations become a more appropriate and respected part of their surroundings.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback, so do please drop us a note.